Hello! My name is Jory, and I'm a interaction designer living and working at the foot of the stunning Wasatch mountains in the northern chunk of Utah.

This is a blog about the life I'm building with my husband, my dog, and small hive of bees. We bought a 115 year-old pioneer home in 2014, and are now in the perennial process of sort of updating and sort of restoring it and sort of getting in way over our heads.

I split my formative years between Utah and Arizona, and work as interaction designer at a large-ish internet company, and do freelance illustration on the side. I studied graphic design and German at the university where I now also serve as an adjunct instructor in my "free time." I really like folkore, hermetics and handicrafts; I'm usually down for a geekout on any of the above, so feel free to drop me a line.

The name of this site comes from my favorite folktale, that of Baba Yaga. She was said to live in a house on hens legs: sometimes it faced the mountain, sometimes it faced the road, and sometimes it walked solemnly about. I've always loved that imagery — a home with a mind of its own, something unpredictable, something unexpected.  

So yeah, it’s a blog. Pretty standard stuff. If you’re feeling it here, maybe you’ll also like some of these blogs-we-enjoy-reading / people-we-enjoy-creeping-on (it can be a difficult line to keep):

Last but not least, all content on this here boondoggle is authored/created by me, unless otherwise noted; the views on this blog do not represent the views of any of my various employers; don’t be a dick with copying; you know the drill. Rameses! Colossus!

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